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High Society Band - Vancouver BC
High Society Band - Vancouver BC

High Society Video

Last Sunday, Oct 8th, I started work on a music video for the band High Society. High Society is a popular band in Vancouver BC featuring the talents of,

Vocals/Guitar: Chelsea D.E Johnson
Vocals/Keys/Guitar: Adam Farnsworth
Bari Sax/Sousaphone/Clarinet: Cory Sweet
Drums/Double Bass/Banjo: Kenan Sungar
Bass: Dave Taylor

We’ve still got a few shoot’s to line up so with any luck, and a lot of work, this project will be done before Christmas.

Diane Farnsworth is directing the video and, with the band, helped come up with the visual concept. The song is ‘When the Internet Dies’

The image I’m using for this post was taken by Diane Farnsworth.

There were a lot of people involved helping to make this happen.  Katherine Soucie, Rhys Lenton, Nadina Maija…and a bunch of other lovely people who’s names I’ll have to get and add here.